Integration Checklist

Businesses can use this checklist to ensure a smooth transition when going live with Finix.

The following are the key aspects Finix for Businesses need to integrate with to go live. Completing this checklist ensures your payment experience is complete, and transactions will be processed successfully.


This checklist is only for Finix for Businesses. All other experiences integrate with Finix as a platform to go live. See Platform Checklist for details on how to integrate your platform with Finix.

Taking your integration live largely depends on the payment experience you plan to build and the engineering resources you have available.

We recommend reviewing our documentation and defining your payment experience before going live. (e.g. will you accept Apple Pay, how will you be alerted about disputes, how long of a refund window do you want to offer, etc.)

The Finix for Businesses Integration Checklist has the following key categories:

When you're ready to go live, let us know and our team will review your integration to see if your sandbox and live environment are ready.

Account and Login

Once you've gained access to the Finix Dashboard, it's essential to create API Keys for your developers so they can begin building your business' integration with Finix.


If you're actively processing payments or have done so in the past, you can migrate data over to Finix to ensure no gaps in availability or billing comes up.

For more details, see Migrating Data with Finix.

Process Payments

Any integration that goes live needs to be able to process payments.

Depending on the payment methods you want to accept, your integration will need to handle these different flows:

Additionally, every integration with Finix must include the following:

Card Payments

Your integration needs to handle the following to process transactions where the buyer pays with a card:

  1. Create an Identity for your buyer.
  2. Tokenize the buyer's card details using our Tokenization Forms
  3. Process the payment by creating a Transfer.
  4. Handle payments that fail and their related failure_codes.

Raw Card Payments

If you're fully PCI DSS compliant and want to handle raw card data:

Apple Pay Payments

To support Apple Pay, you integration needs to process an Apple Pay transaction with either:

Google Pay Payments

To support Google Pay, your integration needs to process a Google Pay transaction with either:

ACH (eCheck) Payments

Successfully process an ACH (eCheck) transaction where the buyer pays with their bank account details.


Collect payouts from the payments you've processed.

Verify payouts are sent to the correct account and align with the payment activity you've processed.

Technical Considerations

A complete technical integration also includes the following: