Getting Started with Finix

Start accepting payments with Finix.

First, let's create your sandbox account. With a sandbox account (also called test account) you can explore the Finix Dashboard, simulate payments, and build an integration with Finix.

  • Choose Individual Merchant while creating a sandbox account.
  • To process live payments, you need an eligible business and must be an approved Finix customer.

Create Sandbox

Start Right Away

Start with our Developer Quickstart if you are a Developer or learn more about our payment tools.

Three Steps to Process Payments

There are three steps to process payments with Finix:

• 01/03

The first step to processing payments is to sign up for Finix and go live.

You can also migrate any previous data from payments processed in the past over to Finix.

Sign Up, Go Live


• 02/03

Build your integration and process payments from your buyers.

Process Payments


• 03/03

Collect the payouts for the payments you've processed.

Collect Payouts