Getting Your Platform Started

Learn how to onboard sellers and start accepting payments on your platform using Finix.

By integrating as a platform, you can:

  • Onboard sellers or migrate them from another platform.
  • Process payments between your sellers and their buyers.
  • Pay sellers their share of funds from the payments processed.
  • Manage your sellers' post-payments experience.
To get started, create a sandbox account.

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The following experiences integrate with Finix as a platform to go live.
  • Finix for for Marketplaces
  • Finix for Sofware Platforms
  • Finix for PayFacs

Review the following for a breakdown of how a platform enables and integrates with Finix to manage sellers and buyers.

Steps to Process Payments on Your Platform

There are three steps to process payments with Finix:

• 01/03

The first step to processing payments is to onboard your sellers.

You'll collect their information and send it to Finix for verification.



• 02/03

Process payments between your sellers and buyers.



• 03/03

Pay sellers and collect fees for the payments processed.